Three Popular Dinner Ring Shapes

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Three Popular Dinner Ring Shapes

9 February 2023
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When you visit a jewelry shop that specializes in antique items, you'll get to browse all sorts of stylish pieces that you may not have previously seen in person. Choosing one or more pieces of antique jewelry to wear for special occasions can give you a unique look that adds to your overall sense of style. Dinner rings are a popular type of antique jewelry that you can expect to see. Designed to be worn to upscale gatherings, rather than for everyday use, dinner rings are large and often travel along the length of the finger to some degree. Here are three popular dinner ring shapes that you can expect to see.


A lot of antique dinner rings are rectangular, which will offer a unique look because it's likely that you don't have any other rings with this exact shape. The ring will extend toward your fingertip and toward the back of your hand, offering a bulky look that is easy for people to notice. This can particularly be true when you choose a dinner ring that is covered in gemstones, as its size and the number of stones will ensure that it sparkles heavily under bright lights. Some people may enjoy pairing a rectangular dinner ring with other pieces of jewelry that have straight lines.


If you prefer a piece of antique jewelry that has gentler curves, you may wish to choose a dinner ring that has an oval shape. This ring also extends along the finger, but its shape can offer a softer look that you appreciate. Many oval dinner rings have a clump of large gemstones in the center at their widest point, and then use smaller gemstones and other accents at each end of the oval.


There are lots of different dinner rings on the market that are pointed at each end. These pieces of jewelry can vary significantly in design. Some have somewhat of an oval shape but are pointed at the ends — roughly taking on the appearance of a football. Such rings may feature one large gemstone, but it's also common to see designs that contain a large number of smaller stones. Other pointed dinner rings have the shape of a rectangle with two triangles at each end, which offers a sharp, pointed look that may appeal to you. Learn more about dinner rings and find the right one for you at an antique jewelry shop.