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Heirloom Jewelry? 5 Times It’s Okay To Update It

16 June 2020
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An heirloom jewelry item is something meant to be preserved and passed on to future generations. It could be an important, expensive piece or it might just be your grandmother's favorite piece of costume jewelry. But not all handed-down items must be kept simply as they are. There are actually times when it's okay — or even preferable — to update them. Not sure if now is the time to update your particular piece? Read More …

Reputation Is Key For Jewelry Appraisal Services

23 March 2020
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Jewelry appraisal is one of those things you don't think much about until you need to have it done. Maybe you've just inherited some beautiful antique jewelry, or need to have jewelry appraisal services done on pieces you already own for insurance purposes. Or maybe you're thinking of selling some for some quick cash. Whatever the reason, jewelry appraisal is something you should approach with the same care you would take in getting your home, business, or high-end antique or collectible appraised. Read More …