Diamond Engagement Rings: Trend Worthy Choices For Everyone

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Diamond Engagement Rings: Trend Worthy Choices For Everyone

24 August 2022
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Couples everywhere are more than ready to express their love – finally. After putting things off for two or more years, it's time to choose a diamond and get engaged. As you shop, watch for these trends in diamond engagement rings. 

Oval Shaped Diamonds 

The oval diamond has been trending for a while and it's as popular as ever. It's easy to see the appeal with the way the extended oblong flatters the finger of the wearer by making it appear longer and slimmer. While solitaire oval diamonds are a classic look, smaller diamonds on the side of the oval to set it off are also trending. As for the setting, while white gold and platinum are always attractive, a return to yellow gold is also happening.

Multiple-Stone Rings 

If celebrities are any indication, rings created of multiple diamonds rather than a solitaire are hot now. These are not your small, paved stones but are instead two or more substantial diamonds. In many cases, the stones are symbolic. They can stand for the couple, their children, and more.

Although these Toi et Moi (you and me) rings often feature two diamonds of the same size, the three-stone ring, like the engagement ring favored by a certain Princess of Sussex, Meghan, remains very popular. That ring features a 3-carat cushion cut center diamond with two round diamonds on either side. Rings featuring multiple diamonds, in most cases, hold deeply personal symbolism for the couple. For some couples, it is said that the three-stone ring means the past, present, and future.

Vintage Diamond Rings 

A nod to the past is brought to life with vintage-inspired diamond rings. Whether the couple wants to remake a true vintage piece from a loved one or they just love the look of vintage jewelry, couples have much to choose from. White metals often surround these diamonds, and the cut of the diamond recalls a vintage era as well. Milgram accents on the hardware are common, as are filigree swirls. The cut of the diamond tends to be the classic cushion cut, which creates a softer, understated look on the finger.

Gender Fluid Diamonds 

Engagement rings are being seen on all genders now – it's no longer a thing just for the female bride. That can mean a turn toward a less-dainty ring for some couples. Chunkier, more substantial settings are trending with the result being rings that may be worn by both partners. Look also for non-traditional metals like steel and titanium with these gender-fluid designs.

For your special diamond, speak to your jewelry and choose the perfect centerpiece to showcase your feelings.