Three Considerations To Make When Engagement Ring Shopping

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Three Considerations To Make When Engagement Ring Shopping

27 August 2021
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Finding the right engagement ring should be about more than just finding the one you think is the most beautiful. This is because you could choose a gorgeous engagement ring and end up not being as happy about it later if it starts causing a lot of problems. If you want to avoid this and get the ring that best suits you, here are three things you want to consider as you look for an engagement ring: 

1. Consider the metal the ring has been made from

You will, of course, want a ring you like the look of, so you need to choose whether you prefer a gold or white gold look. Or, you may prefer something else like black titanium or palladium. From there, you want to narrow down the choices further by choosing a ring that you will be less likely to damage. For example, if you like gold, then you want to consider how hard you may end up being on the ring. If you tend to be rough on your rings, then you may want to go with a 14k gold ring over 18k because it is stronger. If you are extremely hard on your rings, then you may even want to go down to 10k.

2. Consider the setting 

You want to choose a ring with a setting you love, but it should also work for you. A such, if you are used to wearing large rings, then you should do well selecting just about any ring, including one with a large setting that some might have problems with. However, if your rings tend to get caught on things, you work where you have to wear gloves, you work with hair, you have a young child, or you have other things going on where a large setting can get constantly yanked on and tangled in things, then you should go for a smaller or lower setting. 

3. Consider the stones

In many cases, the main gemstone in an engagement ring will be a diamond. In fact, one nice-sized diamond may be the only gem you get. However, if you decide you want another type as well, consider that the engagement ring is generally worn all the time. As such, if you are someone who will be bothered with the fact you have a ring that does not match what you wear, then you may want to stick to diamonds.

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