Proposing With An Heirloom Ring? 5 Steps To Take Now

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Proposing With An Heirloom Ring? 5 Steps To Take Now

26 November 2019
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Are you thinking about proposing to your partner using an heirloom engagement ring? Before you pop the question, ensure that everything goes perfectly by doing these five things to get ready.

1. Talk to the Family

Unless you are the only one in your family with any interest in this particular ring, you'll want to get permission from others before proposing with it. Discuss your reasons and desire honestly and calmly. But do try to get below the surface to be sure that you fully understand everyone's feelings on the matter. If everyone agrees that you should propose with it, ask about having it repaired and making any necessary (or cosmetic) changes. 

2. Think About Your Partner

What will your partner think about using this heirloom jewelry? Some brides and grooms love the idea of adding to tradition and passing down something to the next generation. Others might find the jewelry's history to be a burden. If you're not sure how he or she will feel, talk with friends and family members about it.

3. Repair and Clean the Ring

Make sure the engagement ring is at its best when you give it to a new owner. Have it properly cleaned and repaired as soon as possible. It may need settings repaired or altered, missing gems replaced, or tarnish removed. Let the jewelry repair service know of any specific challenges it may face with your intended fiance, such as heavy sports, manual labor, or working with chemicals.  

4. Consider Resetting the Ring

Many older rings reflect the styles of either previous owners or prior generations. When having it fixed up, you have a good opportunity to make small changes (as long as your family isn't against the idea) to freshen or update it. You might add a new band or another gem, for example, for a more modern look while still keeping the ring's core intact. 

5. Insure all Pieces

An antique piece of jewelry should always be protected from harm. Once this ring has been repaired and restored, have it properly appraised. The jewelry repair service can often do this for you. Use that information to insure it against damage, theft, and loss. Your homeowners insurance policy may provide suitable coverage, but check the particular policy and your agent to be sure. 

After taking these few steps, your heirloom ring will be ready for the start of a new chapter — as will you and your loved one.