Reasons To Consider A Bridal Set Over Separate Wedding Jewelry

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Reasons To Consider A Bridal Set Over Separate Wedding Jewelry

31 March 2019
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If you and your significant other have decided that it is time to get married, you may be getting ready to shop for an engagement ring. However, there are many choices to make as you do this. Not only do you need to decide what type of stone you want in your engagement ring, but you also need to decide if you want to buy your engagement ring and wedding band separately or if you want to buy a bridal set. Here are a few reasons to consider a bridal set over separate pieces.


Bridal sets are a classic, time-honored tradition of cohesive, complementary pieces that are designed to go together. The wedding band is crafted so that it fits tightly against, and sometimes around, the engagement ring. This eliminates the separation that's often found when you purchase the wedding band and engagement ring individually. You will have two pieces that fit seamlessly, and the rings will look as though they belong together because they do.


When you opt for a separate wedding band and engagement ring, you have to take the time to look for each one. You'll need to find your engagement ring first, and then look for a wedding band that will work with it. This can be time-consuming, and sometimes it's hard to get just the right piece to create the look you envision.

Opting for a bridal set takes all of that out of the equation. You can do one single search and have both your wedding band and your engagement ring secured. This saves you the time and hassle of trying to match up separate pieces, perhaps even from separate jewelers.


Buying your wedding band and engagement ring separately means paying for two separate rings, possibly at full retail cost for both. This can add up, especially when you're trying to cover the cost of the engagement ring, both wedding bands, and the wedding itself.

Bridal sets are often less expensive because you can get lower pricing for guaranteeing the purchase of both rings in a single set. This saves you significantly, which allows you to put extra money where you really need or want it. 


If you've ever worn more than one ring on a finger, you know how uncomfortable they can get when they slide around freely. Buying separate rings for your wedding band and engagement ring can leave you dealing with this discomfort on a daily basis. Since bridal sets secure together, you won't have the same issue of the rings sliding around or hitting each other. You can enjoy the comfort of your rings as they move in unison.