Does Your Shy Teen Want to Wear Emojis? Tips to Help Incorporate Them into Your Teen's Wardrobe

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Does Your Shy Teen Want to Wear Emojis? Tips to Help Incorporate Them into Your Teen's Wardrobe

6 January 2017
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Emojis are everywhere. And they are extremely popular with teens. You can find emoji pillows and emoji clothing, including talking or light-up emoji clothing. If you have a teen who wants to wear emojis but is shy about their fashion sense or not daring enough to wear bold-printed emoji leggings or t-shirts, you may be looking for ways to subtly incorporate these trendy items into their wardrobe. Here are a few of the best ways to accomplish this.

Emoji Backpacks

If your teen loves emojis but is on the fence about wearing a smiley or kissy-face shirt, an emoji backpack may be the way to go. There are many different types and kinds of emoji backpacks out there. You can go with a bold plush one focused on one specific emoji or select a more standard backpack with a smaller emoji print to it that showcases a wide array of emojis. Regardless, your pre-teen or teenager gets to rock the emoji trend without actually having to wear clothing featuring emojis.

Emoji Jewelry

If your teen loves emojis, but they are shy or more subtle, they may want to fit in with the crowd rather than stand out. Even something like an emoji backpack may be too bold for them. In this case, emoji jewelry may be the perfect way for your teen to wear the trend without drawing attention to themselves. Emoji jewelry is often small and understated. It can include a small pair of stud earrings, a charm bracelet, or a necklace with one emoji on it. Of course, there are pieces of jewelry that are much more bold, depending on your teen's preferences. However, selecting a simple piece allows your teen to slowly work their way into the trend and decide just how bold or not bold they want to be.

Emoji Beanies

The last tip for incorporating the emoji trend into your teen's wardrobe is to get an emoji beanie. A beanie can be paired with an otherwise simple outfit, helping your teen to wear the trend without being overwhelmed by it. And since most schools require your teen to take their hat off in the classroom, this isn't a trend your teen has to stick with all day. They can take the hat off and tuck it away in their backpack if they are suddenly feeling shy or self-conscious about their fashion choices, or they can pull the hat out and rock it between each and every class. A hat isn't like a shirt that they have to commit to wearing for the entire day.

Being a teen can be hard, especially when the teen is shy or self-conscious. Your pre-teen or teen may want to experiment with trends but may struggle with figuring out how to do so without drawing attention to themselves. If they love emojis but are not sure they can pull off some of the more bold shirts, dresses, skirts, or leggings, you can buy backpacks, beanies, or emoji jewelry to help them more subtly incorporate the trend into their wardrobe and figure out what they feel comfortable with.