Six Sweet Gifts For Your Boss This Christmas

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Six Sweet Gifts For Your Boss This Christmas

30 November 2016
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If you want to make a lasting impression on your boss, plan on giving a great gift this holiday season! It can be tough to know what to buy, particularly for your team leader who you may not know on a personal level. Make your mark by giving the boss something sweet this Christmas, a gift that shows class, dignity, and respect.

Six sweet gifts that your boss will love are:

  1. Elegant platters. Give your boss something high-end that they can display year-round, like a magnificent personalized platter or dish. Does your boss enjoy sports? Check out the gorgeous crystal platters that replicate the turf of a tennis or golf course—perfect gift for the boss!
  2. Classy button-covers or cuff-links. For a personal gift that your boss will wear, give monogrammed or engraved cuff-links. For female bosses that may not wear cuffed-shirts, give a set of button-covers instead.
  3. Tickets to a game. Does the boss follow a certain team? Make his holiday bright with a pair of tickets to a sporting event. If you own season tickets, be sure you don't want to attend the game as your boss may not be comfortable tagging along with you.
  4. A gorgeous frame. It may seem cliché, but giving a beautiful picture frame is often the perfect solution for a boss or colleague. Buy one that is slightly distinctive, perhaps engraved, and consider adding a photo of your team, the office, or your recipient to the frame before gifting.
  5. Something tasty. The holidays are the perfect time to splurge, so why not give the boss something decadent and tasty? If they have a sweet tooth, buy a fancy box of imported truffles or chocolates. If they are into wine, buy them a bottle of something special.
  6. Donation in their name. Make a charitable donation to a group or organization in your boss' name this holiday. This is a great way to show your boss that you recognize the true meaning of the season and that you are philanthropic. Try to pin-point causes that your boss is passionate about, and be sure to detail the contribution in a card or note.

Consider these six ideas when looking for the perfect gift for your boss this holiday. Check out online merchants, such as Studio Margaret, for great engraved and personalized gift options that can be delivered right to your door. You will make a positive impression when you give the boss one of these seasonal suggestions!