3 Christmas Gift Ideas Besides Earrings for Your Girlfriend

Do you want to start buying friends and family members jewelry as gifts? Learn how you can pick out the best pieces for others.

3 Christmas Gift Ideas Besides Earrings for Your Girlfriend

30 November 2016
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If you're looking to get your girlfriend a gift of jewelry this Christmas, but are not interested in getting her earrings, then you have lots of cool ideas. There are plenty of fun jewelry designs that she will love. Maybe you've just gotten her a pair of earrings for her birthday, or maybe she doesn't have pierced ears. If that's the case, then you are probably looking for some ideas. Well, here are three cool ones to help you out.

A Birthstone Pendant

A really nice gift would be to get her a birthstone pendant. This is a very thoughtful gift because it's tailored to her, but you also get to choose the design (how the stone is set, the type of chain, and the cut of the stone). If she likes colorful jewelry, then this is an excellent choice. You can find a list of birthstones online and then look for different necklace designs that prominently feature the particular birthstone.

A Classic Choker Necklace

If you're girlfriend is not into wearing chunky jewelry, and is not a fan of precious stones (or semi-precious, as is the case with many birthstones) then you should consider getting her an elegant choker necklace. These are great if she likes getting dressed up an going to fancy restaurants, the opera, classical music events, or any other black tie event that requires really  high end dresses. If you think that she would be okay with a small adornment, then you can choose a choker that has a very small, tasteful pendant handing from the center. Oftentimes they are a heart shape, or even a small, single diamond.

A Cameo Brooch Pendant

If your girlfriend is more old fashioned, then you should consider a cameo broach pendant. These are gorgeous pieces of jewelry. They can be very small, or quite large. They are worn like pins on clothing. The cameo brooch will have an image engraved on the surface. The images are often of a females face in profile. They are very old fashioned, so don't get one of these if your girlfriend is not into retro style jewelry.

Sunburst Pendant

If you're looking for a design for a pendant, then consider a sunburst pendant like the ones designed by House of Harlow. The sunburst is a beautiful and simple design that works year-round and with all outfits. You can choose a hollow sunburst or one that has a filled in body. Some of them have colors and jewelry adorning them, while others are simply made with pure silver. They work well with an evening dress, as well as with her day to day work outfit. They are not too fancy that she won't feel comfortable wearing it out during the week, but they are unique enough that not every other woman will have one.