Unique Holiday Gift Ideas For People That Have Everything

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Unique Holiday Gift Ideas For People That Have Everything

29 November 2016
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Are you starting your holiday shopping for the year? Are you having trouble deciding exactly what to buy for everyone? Shopping for gifts can be fun, but it can also be frustrating to figure out what to get for the person who has practically everything. Although you may have already considered most of the obvious gift ideas, there are still a wide number of options that may not have come to mind yet. A few ideas to consider include:

Charm bracelet or necklace: A charm bracelet with a gold plated chain can be a good choice for many people with a wide array of interests. For someone who likes photography, for instance, you could get charms shaped like a camera, a miniature photo frame, and his or her favorite photography subjects. If the recipient is a veterinarian, his or her gold plated chain could be adorned with miniatures of various cats, dogs, and other animals. If you can only think of a few charms that your recipient would like, you can buy a longer gold plated chain and give a necklace with one to three charms on it. Check out companies like Gold Jungle to get started.

Quarter ring: If you're a hands-on type of person, you might be interested in making a gift in addition to simply buying one. One gift that can be relatively simple to make but that also looks impressive is a ring made out of a quarter or other type of coin made out of pure silver. To make the ring, you'll first tap on the edge of the coin so that it becomes thicker but the diameter narrows. Once the coin's size has changed, you drill a hole through the center and sand it down to remove any metal burrs. If you are able to use a coin with a year that has a sentimental value, this type of ring can make a nice gift to go along with a charm bracelet on a gold plated chain.

Craft supplies: While you can buy things like yarn for knitters or a set of pots and pans for a chef, you can buy craft supplies for other hobbies as well. For an amateur photographer, you could give the things to create a pinhole camera. Instead of simply buying candy for someone who likes sweets, you may want to put together a candy-making kit so that he or she can create candies with unique flavors that can't be found in stores.