How to Turn a Heirloom Piece of Jewelry into a Custom Design You Can Wear Daily

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How to Turn a Heirloom Piece of Jewelry into a Custom Design You Can Wear Daily

17 November 2016
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When a piece of jewelry is inherited, there are times when the jewelry may be damaged or have an outdated look to it. If you are someone who cherishes the piece of jewelry that you inherited, but do not like the look of it or simply cannot wear it because it is broken or not the right size, consider having it melted down and turned into something that you would like to wear on a daily basis. The following guide walks you through the process for having an heirloom piece of jewelry turned into a piece of jewelry you look forward to wearing.

Choose the Design that You Want for Your New Jewelry

The first thing you need to do is you need to choose a design that you would like for your custom piece of jewelry. The jeweler will be able to tell you how much metal, be it gold, silver, or platinum available to create a new piece. If you do not have enough to create whatever you want to create, you can purchase gold, silver, or platinum that the jeweler was going to scrap to add to the piece.

Decide if You Want Gems to be Added to the Piece

Next, you need to decide if you want any gems to be added to the piece. If the original piece of jewelry had any gemstones in it, they can be set into the new piece. If it did not have any gems in it, but you want the new piece to have gems, the jeweler may have loose gems he or she can sell you or they may be able to sell you some jewelry that has the gems you want for a reasonable rate. The jeweler can remove them from the pieces and place them into yours easily.

Have the Jewelry Created

Once you have chosen the design of the piece all that is left to do is to have it created. The jeweler will size you to be sure that rings and bracelets will be the right size to fit you perfectly. If you are having a necklace, earrings, or a broach made, he or she may not need to size you. It will take a while for the jewelry to be made because it will need to be created and then it will need to fully set so that it can be cleaned and polished.

Once complete, you will have a custom piece of jewelry that you can actually look forward to wearing when you go out each day. It will still have sentimental value to you, but it will be something that you can actually wear on a regular basis instead of always being left in your jewelry box. For more information or inspiration on how to get started, contact local jewelry repair shops.