What To Get Your Girlfriend If She Loves Jewelry And Irish Culture

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What To Get Your Girlfriend If She Loves Jewelry And Irish Culture

12 January 2017
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If your girlfriend is into Irish culture and also loves nice jewelry, then you know exactly what type of gift to get her for her birthday. But if you're not very into Irish culture, then you might not know what type of jewelry to get. She probably would prefer more than just a shamrock design (though that might be nice as well). So, here are some very cool Irish designs that you can get from a jeweler.

Claddagh Earings

The claddagh design is one of the most famous ones in all of Irish culture. It is a heart, held in two hands, with a crown above the heart. The design is used in the famous claddagh rings. There are several ways to wear the ring, depending on one's romantic involvement. Single persons wear it on their right hand, with the heart facing out. People dating wear it on their right hand with the heart facing in. Engaged and married persons wear it on the left hand (hearts facing out and in, respectively).

However, if she is the type who prefers earrings, you can also get the claddagh design in small gold or silver earrings.

Silver Celtic Cross

If she is a Christian, then she might really like a small, delicate silver or gold Celtic cross. These crosses have a circle in the center design, which connects the cross so that there is an unbroken unity. It is inspired by the concept of the Christian trinity. You can choose a plain Celtic cross, or one that has intricate Celtic knotwork designs engraved onto the surface.

Triskelion Pendant

The triskelion is a triple circle design that appears in Celtic artwork during per-Christian times. It can be found in stone-age sites in Newgrange, Ireland. This symbol was used by pagan tribes in their worship, but it morphed into a Christian design and took on the symbolism of the Holy Trinity once Ireland became a Christian country. It shows up in The Book of Kells (an illuminated gospel), and it's also a very popular tattoo design in modern times.

Silver Stag Broach

If your girlfriend is really into Druid history, then you could get her a silver stag broach. The stag was incredibly important for ancient Irish culture. The pagan Druids placed great importance on animals and trees, including the White Stag (which was associated with otherwordly events). This is also a fun design if she likes animals.

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